The Living Corpse Annual #1

The Living Corpse Annual #1

If any of you listen to the Comic Book Page previews episodes you will know whenever The Living Corpse is coming out I will be singing the praises of the book. If you don’t know anything about it then here’s a brief description of what it’s about.

The Living Corpse rise from the grave to be one of the mindless dead preying on human victims with a hunger for brains. In a moment of horror the memories of his past life can flooding back to him and he found himself with a new mission – as an undead zombie who’s job it is to keep the dead… Dead!

Cassie Hack is the lone survivor of an attack by a slasher called The Lunch Lady. A slasher that happens to be her mother! Now she travels the world with her monstrous partner and friend Vlad hunting down and destroying slashers wherever they find them.

This Annual was a crossover of The Living Corpse (created by Ken Haeser and Buz Hasson) and Hack/Slash (Created by Tim Seeley). Coming out of Zenescope at $4.99 you’re getting 27 pages of story, 2 pin ups and a preview of Salem’s Daughter. Now with those 27 pages of story there are NO advertisements at all… The closest you can get to an advertisement is the 6 page preview and back cover which is promoting the new Wonderland stories so you are getting your money worth.

There are 3 covers that you can get for the issue as well. Cover A is by Ken and Buz and mimics the cartoonish style of the interior pages. Cover B is a more realistic style by Tim Seeley which reflects the style he normally does for Hack/Slash. Then there is an Incentive Sketch cover which is done by Josh Medors which has to be my favourite of all of them.

The story has The Living Corpse, Cassie and Vlad all investigating the Jersey Devil both in their own way. We start off with the usual campers out in the wilds of the New Jersey woods who encounter the Jersey Devil and from that ‘bump’ into Corpsey. Corpsey gets them away and takes control of the situation to have the loving teenage couple bump into Cassie.

I won’t go into it any further as I don’t want to spoil anything but it’s a fun ride and if you like humorous horror I’d recommend checking it out.

The art on the book, as I touched on earlier, is done in a cartoonish way but don’t be put off by this as it added a lot to the humour of the book. It is a great complement to the writing and just gives the book a feeling of being complete.

As I’ve said before if you haven’t read it you should try this out. The Stories are mainly done in one with an ongoing theme so you don’t need to grab everything to know what is happening.

Also there is a trade coming out so if you like the annual and want more go and check it out.

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