The Surrogates

The Surrogates

I think I must have missed the original flurry of information about The Surrogates but I’ve often been told to check it out.

In the preparation for recording the next Kryptographik I watched the trailer for the movie and it’s not what I expected at all…

People who are living their lives through the eyes of an android body while they stay safe at home and not have to worry about something ever happening to them is a concept that really interests me. Adding on top of the sci-fi elements to it adding in a murder mystery how can you go wrong.

Anyway check out the trailer if you haven’t seen it before and also if you haven’t read the comic check it out from Top Shelf.

Plot Summary:
In the year 2054, people are using surrogates (remote-controlled artificial bodies) to interact with each other. But someone is determined to return people to their old lives instead of living through proxies. Venditti was inspired to write The Surrogates after reading about numerous individuals who lost their spouses or their jobs due their addiction to the internet and their online personas. In an interview, he says: “It dawned on me that if you were somehow able to create a persona and send it out into the real world—where it could go to work for you, and run your errands, and so on—then you would never have to go back to being yourself.”


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