Free Comic Book Day 2009

Free Comic Book Day 2009

As per usual I make the treck into Sydney with my Son to go to a couple of shops and see what’s happening on Free Comic Book Day and today wasn’t any different.

We first went into Kings Comics where I picked up the Star Wars Rebellion Volume 3 TPB and No Hero #5 but what I was looking for was no where to be seen… You would think they would have had Kabuki Volume 5, The Red Star Volume 4 and The Starman Omnibus but I couldn’t find them.

Kai was loving looking at all the Titanium Star Wars vechiles and I picked him up The Twilight from the Clone Wars Animated Show.

The Twilight

From there we made our way down to Kinokuniya where I yet again went looking for Kabuki Volume 5, The Red Star Volume 4 and The Starman Omnibus but yet again they were no where to be found. I have a feeling that people must have swamped in to get them cheaper than usual but that just means that I have to wait to get them…

So since I couldn’t find what I was looking for I went to check out the 50% off table to come across Atomika TPB Volume 1 and Saint Germaine Shadows Fall TPB which Atomika is a book I’ve been meaning to get and at that price you can’t go wrong. As for Saint Germaine, I loved the book back in the 90’s and I’ve been meaning to reread the series and this has given me a chance without having to drag out the issues.

And for my last 2 purchases I picked up the Joker HC by Brian Azzarello and while I was looking at that Kai had found the Star Wars Panel to Panel Volume 2 book which was going cheap as it had a bit of damage to the back cover but for $20 I couldn’t resist.

As for FCBD books I personally didn’t get any as the 2 stores I went to were offering 1 per person so Kai got the DC Kids, Transformers Animated and Star Wars Clone Wars and I had to get the Transformers Animated for my boss… Hopefully my LCS is going to come through for me!

Otherwise it was another good day out for the 2 of us and it’s going to be fun when we go to Supanova next month together!

BTW Kai got to get some Photos with Batman, Jango Fett and a Stormtrooper before we left.

Kai and Stormtrooper by you.

Kai, Batman and Jango Fett by you.

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