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To send us audio questions for the show:

* Email a WAV or MP3 to Kryptographik

Please begin your question with your name (or handle) and location, and keep it to under 3 minutes. We consider general interest in the topic, audio quality, brevity, and wit when choosing questions for the show. If it makes us laugh, it’s much more likely to get on.


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Web Links:

* Raising Hell – Fangoria Column by Brian
* The Furnace – Damian’s Blog
* Welcome to Heavenside – Damian’s Podcast about Doktor Sleepless


* Send Damian an email: lordshaper AT lordshaper DOT com
* Send Brian an email: filmfreek AT gmail DOT com


* Contact Damian at lord_shaper
* Contact Brian at hellstorm5

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Damian Smith
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