Dekrypting Graphik Kulture

Kryptographik was created by Lord Shaper and Hellstorm, a.k.a. Damian and Brian, with graphical assistance by Grant Bond. Kryptographik was created with the intention of focusing on the darker side of comics and related media.

Brian has been interested in comics, horror, and computers (in no particular order) for as long as he can remember. Although this is his first podcast, his e-mails have been heard on podcasts all over the world wide web, whether listeners like it or not. Brian co-hosts the show, e-mails impossible website designs to Damian and has created more headers, banners, etc, from Grant Bond’s graphics than any new podcast probably needs.

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Damian has been interested in tech, comics and gaming for the last 20 years. Not just a co-host, he also designed and maintains the web site. Along with starting this podcast, he has been a guest on the Comic Timing podcast amongst also being mentioned on alot of other comic based podcasts. He also established the community at The Furnace in early 2003 for Gamers, Geeks and Tech Heads alike.

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