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Lord Shaper On May - 3 - 2011

Ok, it’s been a while I know.

Looking back nothing has been posted here for a long time but I don’t want people to think that the site is dead.

I have been getting the itch for recording but as my work schedule is what caused us to be unable to record I need to see where we can go from here with Brian and look towards the future.

I will keep you all updated and if you were to see a return what would people like to see?

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3 Responses

  1. Geektopia says:

    if you need any help mate I’m here for ya. Would be great to have you back on the airwaves with Brian.

  2. Derek Coward says:

    How about a magazine type show where you each record separate segments until the time you two can get together to record?

    It’s not perfect but it is something. In fact, it just gave me an idea for a podcast.

  3. Lord Shaper says:

    @Derek I still have to get together the content you asked me about… I’ve been looking for the time to sit and read as well as fitting in recording.

    I also need to see where Brian is on the idea as we haven’t spoken as much as we used to and I need to see what he wants to do.

    @Geektopia I’d love to see it come back… I think when we lost what would have been episode 32 we got a bit more disheartened. I’d like to see what we could do though.

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