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Lord Shaper On November - 4 - 2009

Hey all!

I just wanted to leave you all a quick note saying that we are still here and will be coming back with new episodes really soon. We had recording one episode which unfortunately fell to the corrupted file syndrome that is the bane of podcasters everywhere.

Other than that I’ll take a lot of the blame myself for our lack or episodes due to my work schedule we haven’t been able to find a time were we could get to record. Hopefully that will be different soon and we’ll be back with a vengence.

We also will be having a Belated Halloween episode coming out soon so keep an eye on the site and remember to follow Kryptographik, Hellstorm and Lord Shaper on twitter!

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3 Responses

  1. Derek Coward says:

    The same thing happened to 2 People Talking recently. There’s very little about this hobby that sucks as bad as losing a file.

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    The good thing is now I can record it as well as Hellstorm doing it so there is a backup.

    The Bad thing about it is we lost an hour and a half with Gary Reed… Hopefully he’ll come back to do it again!

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