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Lord Shaper On June - 15 - 2007

In this episode, Fangoria Comics Executive Editor Scott Licina and Mark Kidwell, writer, artist and creator of Fangoria Comics first title, Bump, join us for a discussion of:

Fangoria’s upcoming line of comics and films; Variant covers; Late books; Horror in comics; Ghosts and Ghost stories (including the Patrick Swayze film); Scary clowns and dolls; J-Horror; Ed Gein; Hollywood legend Robert Kurtzman; Scott’s facination with Julie Andrews, Ingrid Pitt, Fran Drescher and Betty White; and the final word on what happened with Vampirella.

*** Explicit Language Alert: This podcast is uncensored. We forgot to mention it when we introduced the episode, so this is your only warning. ***

With that, break out your copy of Bump #1 and join us for a behind-the-scenes look at the first issue from Fangoria’s new line of comics.

Even if you don’t have Bump #1 yet, there’s a 42 minute interview before the commentary starts, which should give you plenty of time to get to Barnes & Noble or your local comic shop and pick up a copy.

If they’re sold out, ask them to re-order it using Diamond code: APR073685

Just under 99 Minutes of Kryptography in 39 MB

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Links from the Show

Fangoria Comics

Robert Kurtzman

Ed Gein

Pitt of Horror – The Official Website of Ingrid Pitt

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