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Lord Shaper On April - 20 - 2007

Kryptographik Episode 9 arrives for your listening pleasure.

We discuss the 2 new lawsuits which are involving Champions and Ghost Rider along with some of the reasoning we can see for the cases.

How to disturb young children when you take them to see Mimzy and let everyone know about Pink Ray Gun and how they just finished thier Zombie Week.

Also Rob Zombie has a trailer out for his new Halloween movie and we discuss all about that.

A War on Terror Tournament, Rose McGown Nude and a Lesbian Vampire Lucy Liu!

What more could you ask for!

29.2 Meg’s for a whole 73 Minutes of juicy content!

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Links from the Show

Information on the Ghost Rider and Champions Cases can be seen Here, Here and Here

Mimzy’s Mistake
Story behind the Mistake

Halloween Trailer

Pink Ray Gun
Zombie Week
Kryptographik Review

Rose McGowan
Rolling Stone Cover

Lucy Liu
Lesbian Vampire Sex Scene

Dark Horse Preview
Movie Trailer

Angry Gnome
Angry Gnome Comics

Ken and Buz
The Corpse
Ken Haeser

Kat and Josh

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