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Lord Shaper On March - 15 - 2007

Kryptographik Episode 7 Arrives with us looking at The Lost Kill Bill comic, Black Diamond Detective Agency and the Rumors are true as we discuss Girls and Corpses TV.

Also we get all nostalgic when we find out more about Creepy and Eerie returning along with Tales form the Crypt.

Hostel 2 also gets a mention and check the website for a link to the Comic Con Exclusive Poster!

Lastly Brian and Damian have a close look at the first 3 parts of Kade in another great Head2Head

25.5 Meg’s or 63 Minutes!

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Links from the Show

Lost Kill Bill Comic – Deviantart

Black Diamond Detective Agency – Previews

Girls and Corpses – See it Here!

Creepy & Eerie Re-launched – Dread Central

Tales from the Crypt –

Hostel 2 – Topless Poster and the Banned Poster

300 – Uncut Trailer, MTV’s 300 Seconds of 300 and MySpace’s EXCLUSIVE: 300 Battle Scene

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