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Lord Shaper On February - 20 - 2007

In our 5th podcast, we discuss Pan’s Labyrinth; an unexpected DVD surprise for Dr Who fans; more SF & Horror TV Pilots, including a recent announcement from Markosia; The Boys move to Dynamite Entertainment; Robert Kurtzman’s upcoming films Buried Alive (featuring Saw star Tobin Bell) and Bump, which is also one of the upcoming Fangoria comics titles; Viper Comics’ Sasquatch, featuring 20 stories in 256 pages (insert big joke here); the Ghost Rider movie sequel; the first 5 issues of the current Ghost Rider comic series; and another Zombie Watch update.

59 Minutes of Kryptography in only 24 MB.

Download links: RSS FEED, iTunes or download it from HERE.

Pan’s Labyrinth links: BAFTAs, Penning Subtitles

Doctor Who DVD’s Hidden Extra’s

More TV Pilots: Reaper, Demons and Journeyman

Garth Ennis Interview regarding The Boys

Buried Alive Links: Variety, Wikipedia and the first 2 overs of bump over at Comic Monsters

The Sasquatch Website and Sampler PDF

Ghost Rider 2

Avi Arad Announcement

Zombie Watch

Bloodbourne: Bite of the Living Dead from: All The Rage

Free Zombie Movies

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