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Lord Shaper On February - 12 - 2007

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In this episode we talk about The Mutant Chronicles Movie,Stephen King’s Mist heading to the theatre, Punisher 2. We talk about the Barbarella Remake and also about IGN’s Top 100 Horror Movies of all time. All that along with Strangeland 2, Pushing Daisies,The Hellboy Game, The Castlevania Movie and lastly Grendel becoming a Movie finally.

Damian Has a bone to pick with Blade and Brian introduces the Zombie Watch.

19 Megs and 47 Minutes!

And here are the links mentioned

The Mutant Chronicles – Thomas Jayne Interview and check out the Promo Poster.

The Return of Barbarella.

The Top 100 Horror Films of All Time – Make your vote Count.

Dee Snyder talks about Strangeland 2.

Bringing the dead back to life in Pushing Daisies.

Ron Perlman Voices Hellboy in the new Game.

Castlevania: Dracula’s Curse has Warren Ellis working on the Script.

Grendel Movie Picks up steam.

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