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Lord Shaper On February - 5 - 2007

Episode 3 arrives with news of the New 28 Weeks later Movie and Bridging comic, A free Astounding Wolf-man, Zombies on CBS, Ghost Rider’s history on DVD and a look back at Verotik’s Death Dealer and Brian reviews Horrorwood from Ape.

22 megs and 55 Minutes of Kryptographik Goodness!

And here are the links:

Your first look at 28 Weeks Later and you get to see the bridging comic, 28 Days Later: The Aftermath
Chiller Horror
HD Channel
is announced.
The Astounding Wolf-man announced for Free Comic Book Day.
Babylon Fields has been picked up by CBS with Twilight.
We wish Happy Birthday to Frank Miller
Eagle One Media Announces Ghost Rider 33 Year Complete Comic Collection on DVD-ROM. It will be released on February 12, 2007
Death Dealer gets a return from Image.
Danzig’s Verotik website where you can get your back issues.
And Playboy starts reviewing Comics.
And if your after a copy of the Horrorwood Special Edition here is the order code FEB07 3152

And here’s your download links: RSS FEED, iTunes or download it from HERE.

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