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The Variants Episode 5

The Variants are back with the next episode. “The Signing” The gang hosts a comic book signing for guests Scott Kurtz and Dave Crosland, but they may be too much for the store to handle. httpvh:// Remember to go and check out their website at

The Variants Episode 4 – Passholes

The Variants Episode 4 “Passholes” A movie pass giveaway forces the employees in the store overnight. Can they keep back the hordes and survive until dawn? Remember to Check out the official Website: httpvh://

Variants Halloween Promo

As we’re all waiting for the new episode of Variants, they have put out a Promo for the next episode to tide us over. httpvh:// Leave your thoughts in the comments or check out the Official Website.

The Variants Episode 2

The Variants Episode 2, “Dead Man’s Comics” in discovering a vintage comic, Joe discovers his co-workers ignorance in Kurt Russell filmography. httpvh://

The Variants Episode 1

After reading about it on Bleeding Cool I finally got around to checking out The Variants which most people are getting the feeling of Clerks in it… Episode 1 has came out already and is ready to play below and episode 2 should be out next week. Episode 1: The Variants Pilot Episode! Joe misses […]

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