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Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 7/31/13

2000AD Prog 1843 by Carl Critchlow I just love the annoyed look on Dredd’s face, as if being pulled-under by giant tentacles is a regular occurrence for him. He’ll dive in begrudgingly, but he can’t deal with the situation for too long because Project Runway is on at 9 and he forgot to record it. […]

07/28/2013: What’s New on ComicSpectrum

Still decompressing from San Diego Comic Con this past week, I’ve gotten further behind on my reading in general but caught up on some Marvel today.  A decent amount of new content up this week, and I still have a backlog to work through on site content & “20 Words” Interviews. Bob’s Comic of the […]

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 7/24/13

Red Hood and the Outlaws #22 by Guillem March Ah yes, the classic Yin-Yang pose with an added dash of sex appeal. I enjoy Starfire’s painted hair style, for the flames really blend well together as she propels upwards. The shine on her outfit also works very well, for its sleek and reflective properties really […]

07/21/2013: What’s New on ComicSpectrum

A bit of a content slow-down this past week due to my attendance of San Diego Comic Con.  I tried to keep info flowing via the ComicSpectrum Twitter feed @ComicSpectrum, but didn’t get as much of a chance to post new content as I’d have liked.  We had the CBLDF party on Thursday night, the […]

Steampunk roars back in “Lantern City,” MySciFiShow interview

Steampunk roars back in “Lantern City,” MySciFiShow interview

by Jason Tudor SAN DIEGO (July 20, 2013) — Steampunk fans, rejoice. Executive producers Bruce Boxleitner and Trevor Crafts, and writer Matthew James Daley are bringing your genre back with a bang via the upcoming television series “Lantern City,” with a pilot projected for release in 2014. While you’re waiting, the trio have created a […]

Episode 60: Sharknado, Pacific Rim & World War Kaiju

Episode 60: Sharknado, Pacific Rim & World War Kaiju

NASA Astronaut Kevin Ford opens a whirlwind episode 60! We talk the fury of Sharknado and then jump into the best discussion of Pacific Rim you’ll find on the Web. Then, we interview the team of one of the hottest comic properties on Kickstarter, Josh Finney and Patrick McEvoy of “World War Kaiju.” But we […]

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 7/10/13

Batgirl #22 by Alex Garner B-but, Batgirl doesn’t kill! Right? Everything I thought I knew is a lie!!! All red herrings aside, I enjoyed this cover immensely thanks to Garner’s radical-looking painted style. The armor and bat gauntlets are incredibly vibrant, and the bloody outline of the body doesn’t bode well for someone in this […]

07/07/2013: What’s New on ComicSpectrum

Bob’s Comic of the Week for July 10th New Content for week ending July 7, 2013 Bob’s Guinness attempt mentioned on SyFy’s Blastr Site Content added: More detail pictures in gallery for Bob’s Comic Room News & reviews News: S.H.O.O.T. First, Atheists & Adventure from Dark Horse; Librarian bans book to teach lesson (CBLDF); Diamond PREVIEWSWorld […]

06/30/2013: What’s New on ComicSpectrum

Bob’s Comic of the Week for July 3rd New Content for week ending June 30, 2013 Site Content added July solicits & Bob’s July order – 112 comics News & reviews News: Comixology “Meet the Makers” summer event; Eric Basaldua art web-site update; 4th of July variant from Aspen; Valiant & CBLDF team to provide […]

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