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CNN: Meth ring used comic books to launder cash

While arresting the alleged ringleaders, brothers Aaron and Alfonzo Castro, law enforcement officers seized about 100 boxes of first-edition collectible comic books. Investigators say one title alone is worth $3,500 and the total collection of comics is worth half a million dollars. “It appeared they were working on a startup company for high-end comic books,” […]

Amber’s Review: Tiny Titans #19

Amber’s back again with a review of DC’s popular All Ages title, Tiny Titans! As always remember to post your comments about your thoughts. httpvh:// Remember to check out my Blog

Some Help For Mr. Ostrander, Please

Among those affixed with permanent plaques in my Imagination Hall-of-Fame, John Ostrander stands out. He gets not just a plaque. He’s earned a bust. Something smooth, marble and noble, to match his Caesarian features and writing prowess. Along with Timothy Truman, Mr. Ostrander created GrimJack. Alongside American Flagg!, Nexus, Cerebus, Elementals and a few others, […]

Amber’s Review’s – Blackest Night/Batman/GLC

Amber’s back again with a Blackest Night trifecta. As always remember to post your comments about your thoughts. httpvh:// Remember to check out my Blog

Sixty feet of complete nerd pleasure

Attention screaming, inattentive teen masses! If I promised that you could have a 60-foot tall version of Twilight’s Robert Pattinson on your lawn, or a 60-foot version of Miley Cyrus that would stand on your school football field for three months, would your dyed, pierced and pop-culture filled heads simply pop like grapes? Don’t be embarrassed. You […]

Amber’s Reviews – Captain America Reborn #2

Amber is back again with her Captain America Reborn #2 Review. httpvh:// Remember to check out her Blog And leave your comments on what you think about it!

Slime: A History

Slime: A History

Today we are graced with a Guest Blog from Drew Blood who also is one of Fangoria Online’s Website Contributors with his Internal Injuries column going up each month. Check out his stuff and follow him on twitter for some great info! If Tarantino(no not Tarina Tarantino the famous Hair Accessory Designer) had directed Slime […]

A review because the Lord willed it

Guest Post by Jason Tudor: Woven from the ethereal relationship loom that is Twitter, this column is brought to you courtesy of the Lord. Yes, the Lord taketh. However, today the Lord giveth away. That said, with bountiful harvest scraped from the carcasses of techno-Guinea pigs slaughtered and left rotting on roads from Santa Monica […]

The Inspiration for RealmShift and MageSign

The Inspiration for RealmShift and MageSign

Guest Post by Alan Baxter: The inspiration for RealmShift and MageSign, what they’re about and what’s next As this was the last day of my blog book tour and Lord Shaper was kind enough to host me, I thought it would be a good opportunity to talk about what inspired the novels RealmShift and MageSign […]

Alan Baxter begins 10 day Blog Book Tour

Alan Baxter begins 10 day Blog Book Tour

Alan Baxter’s 10 day Blog Book Tour has started a day early with his first appearence being an interview at Smashwords. Follow the tour each day to a different blog and learn all kinds of interesting things, not only about Alan and his books, but also about what dark fantasy really is, indie authorship, where […]

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