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What’s New on ComicSpectrum for week ending June 09, 2013

Bob’s Comic of the Week for June 12th Site Content added Bob’s June 2013 Comics Order – 131 Comics News & reviews News: Diamond announces top 50 comics & GN for May 2013; Viz announces the return of Rurouni Kenshin; Amazon Storyteller turns scripts to storyboards; Final 3 face off on Penny Arcade’s Strip Search;Dark Horse Digital premieres Sabertooth […]

New Love Found at Cosplay Deviants

Amber Love’s first  Wonder Woman set went live last night at! Please check it out and add your comments letting her know what you liked. She’ll take feedback and criticism seriously if it’s presented appropriately. If you don’t know about C.D. the best way to explain it would be Playboy meets Wizard Magazine. Girls & […]

Area Man and the Marvel Universe

I wonder how many of us this actually describes. Hmm. Anyway, check in with comments if this is you: “We’re from Sweden or Norway or somewhere around there,” said Sundling, who when prompted can accurately detail the origins of each cartoon member of the X-Men, the Avengers, the Defenders, and the Squadron Supreme. “I don’t […]

Pulp Cocktails and a Furnace exclusive drink!

From Comics-Alliance dot com comes this piece. It’s refreshing that someone thought our superheroes should return to the Golden Age where the same tenets that apply in the AMC show “Mad Men” apply in Gotham, Metropolis and elsewhere. That said, there’s something amiss here and it’s this: contemplate all you like, but there would be […]

6 Ways to Prove Batman is a Pimp

Iceberg Slim, Memphis Mack and Too Short. Lantern Corps villains? Teen Titan foes? Hell, no. And while you may be think of Batman as a guardian of the night, using his superior strength, reflexes, acumen and skills to quell the rise of crime in Gotham, he is really not much more than, well, this: Or […]

The Marvel/DC Film Future, Part II

In Part I, I outlined the stakes of superhero movie making. Computer technology has finally come of age and allowed filmmakers and the two big comic book houses to have their characters and stories to be portrayed on the silver screen. Plus, in the last 10 years under the tutelage of folks like Joe Quesada […]

Tim Burton’s 9 – Guest Review

The movie 9 is a post-apocalyptic film about a group of nine figurines who are brought to life by a mad scientist in hopes to stop the machine from continuing to destroy the earth.  Each of the characters are given different traits and personalities, and as such, are voice-acted by Elijah Wood, Jennifer Connelly, Martin […]

Easy, fanboys (including me), light’s on the horizon

Comic artist Jim Lee retweeted this, but it bears a full look. Many of us had our assumptions about the Disney/Marvel deal based on what little empirical andanecdotal datas were available at the time. I’d guess 99 percent of that came from media sources like iMDB, CNNMoney and elsewhere. So, this column connects some other […]

Comic Book Review: We Kill Monsters #1

Secret hideout. Check. A mission to save a family member’s life? Check. Monsters? Check. Monster trucks? Ya know it. Hooked? Yep. Me, too. “We Kill Monsters” is great.  I just finished reading the debut issue, though it originally appeared in May 2009. The comic is published by Red 5 Comics. I read my copy on […]

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