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Supanova 2010 Creator Photos

Supanova 2010 Creator Photos

Well Supanova has left Sydney for another year and this year I was only able to be there for the one day. But what a day it was… As I was there on the Sunday the first thing I noticed is that there were more people there than I have ever seen on that day, […]

12 Hours to go for my Ebay Items!

Just as an update with my eBay sales, along with a reminder, There is currently 4 days to go on the auctions and as well as the window that needs to be paid for we have found out my son needs an operation to have his eardrum fixed so all the money from these sales […]

The Strangeness of Comic Shops

Over the years I’ve done my time in a retail environment which I can say I’m glad to be out of it but one thing that I keep thinking about is how different a comic shop is to any other retail store. Now to be clear, I have never worked in a Comic Shop but […]

Who said Comic Readers are getting Older?

Every once in a while we hear people saying that the average comic reader is getting older and in turn that is going to cause the downfall of the whole industry. I’m still trying to figure this out. I can see there are people that I grew up with over the years have grown older […]

Hogs Breath Stinks!

I’m not generally one to rant too much but I’ve felt that this one I have to get out. Last night I and my family went out for dinner at the Hogs Breath Cafe in Castle Hill (Australia). As we got there everyone was kind and polite to us as we ordered and even while […]

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