Dan DiDio Reveals New Convergence Details

Dan DiDio Reveals New Convergence Details

“Here, we’re not only telling a story that not only touches upon every character and every generation of hero, but brings them all together in one story, one event,” says DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio in the newly released trailer for DC’s soon-to-debut “Convergence” event. “There was a great expression from ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ — ‘Worlds live, worlds die and nothing will ever be the same.’ Well, here in ‘Convergence,’ we’re gonna follow the worlds that died.”

Among the revelations DiDio offers in the video is the fact that the reason the heroes from DC’s various realities haven’t risen up against their captor, Brainiac, is that they really don’t understand what’s happened to them, and, they simply don’t have the strength to do anything even if they did. “All they know is that they’ve been trapped under a dome for about a year,” DiDio says. “They’re desperately trying to find a way to escape. Some of our heroes are trying to maintain order, but all of our heroes have lost our powers, and because of that, some of our heroes have just decided to quit.”

That all changes when the event kicks off, however. With Brainiac out of the picture following the events of “Futures End,” his villainous apprentice, Tellos, drops the domes and watches everyone battle it out. As for the mysterious newcomer, DiDio reveals that he is basically Brainiac’s patchwork world given human form, “the planet incarnate.”

“Convergence” #0 arrives on April 1, kicking off a two-month story DiDio promises “will shock every generation of DC fans.”

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