The Walking Dead Season 5 Poster brings New Locations

The Walking Dead Season 5 Poster brings New Locations

AMC’s top-rated adaptation of Image Comics “The Walking Dead” doesn’t return to TV screens for another month. But the network is already beating the drum for the Feb. 8 return of Season 5, with a new poster that has prophetic implications.

Longtime viewers of the show will recognize the phrase “The new world’s gonna need Rick Grimes” as coming from occasional yet essential side player Morgan, who was seen at the end of the midseason finale discovering a map at the burnt out site of Terminus.

In addition to the poster, executive producer Scott Gimple spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about the second half of the season, saying of Morgan, “He has that map and it means something… He has this massive breadcrumb. Now, Rick and his group aren’t necessarily on their way to D.C. but it’s something. Morgan knows Rick Grimes could be alive and could be somewhere nearby and perhaps on that path. It’s something. Morgan sat there and he prayed [in the church] and then he laughed at the idea of praying and then he found that map. So perhaps it’s divine intervention.”

Fans of Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard’s comics may also see the image as a clue that the show will likely re-synch with the original comic narrative and take the survivors to the so-called “Alexandria Safe-Zone” – the Washington, D.C. suburb where the characters spent the longest stretch of time and experienced some of their most emotional moments. CBR whipped up a comparative image of the map in the new poster and a modern map of the area that may point viewers in that direction:


“The Walking Dead” returns Feb. 8 on AMC.

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