Batman: Arkham Knight Delayed Until June 2015

Batman: Arkham Knight Delayed Until June 2015

The third and final installment of Rocksteady’s Batman video game series Batman: Arkham Knight is being delayed until June 2nd, 2015 according to IGN. Originally slated to be released in October, no official reason was given for the 8-month delay.

Along with the delay, two collectors editions were announced, the first the Limited Edition comes with an 80 page art book containing concept art, a SteelBook, a Limited Edition DC Batman: Arkham Knight #0 Comic, three unique skins from The New 52 comics and a Batman Memorial Statue. The second, The Batmobile Edition will only be available for console. It comes with all of the above along with a transformable Batmobile statue.

Kevin Conroy (Batman) and Troy Baker (Joker) are scheduled back and we know that Harley Quinn is supposed to be a playable character this time around. Also Riddler, Penguin and Two-Face have already been confirmed as villains in the game.

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