Marvel’s 4th of July News…

Marvel’s 4th of July News…

That’s right everyone, while we were out enjoying BBQ ‘s and fireworks Marvel set up their own gigantic fire work.

On the Weekend Marvel tweeted:

“Who will be Marvel comics’ NEW #CaptainAmerica? Learn more this Monday on ! #4thOfJuly

Rumours are already floating around all over about who this new Cap will be and how long this person will be Captain America. A few characters such as Bucky Barns (Winter Soldier) and U.S. Agent have taken up the mantel in Steve Rogers absents. Many are waiting for the October solicitations for Marvel but speculating it will be Sam Wilson AKA The Falcon will take up the mantel and be the FIRST African-American to headline a Captain America title. At least for a time until Steve Rogers returns which we can all speculate between 6-12 month ABOUT.


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