Rumored Schedule of DC Movies Released

Rumored Schedule of DC Movies Released

Since Batman v Superman was first announced at San Diego Comic Con last year, rumors have been swirling on the future of the DC film franchise. Especially in recent months, much speculation and discussion has been tossed around on which characters were going to get solo films and so forth.

DC and Warner Bros. came right out and said that they were taking a different approach in that there could be different versions of their characters in different mediums, putting the thought out there that though we’re getting a Flash TV series, it doesn’t rule out a completely different version of the character in the film world.

Yesterday, a list surfaced rumoring a number of DC films planned for release for 2016, 2017 and 2018, totalling seven separate films in a little over two years. Many of these we already knew were in the works or were even announced, but there are a couple of surprises and at least on a bit perplexing.

Here’s the rumored list:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (May 2016)
Shazam (July 2016)
The Sandman (Christmas 2016)
Justice League (May 2017)
Wonder Woman (July 2017)
Flash/Green Lantern Team-Up (Christmas 2017)
Man of Steel 2 (May 2018)

We already know that for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we’ll get the introductions of Wonder Woman and other characters. So it kind of makes sense that her big debut would be in Justice League, and a follow-up solo film taking place after that makes sense as well, especially if she proves a popular take on the character.

Shazam we’ve know was in talks for years, so this comes as no surprise. The fact it comes so close after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice isn’t too surprising either, especially if they intend to make him a part of the Justice League. They could just leave him on his own too.

The Sandman has nothing to do with the rest of this mix of films as it is a very different kind of franchise and will likely stand on its own. Though Christmas time seems an odd choice for its release to me.

And Man of Steel 2 we had been hearing was still planned, that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was its own thing and not a direct sequel. The one surprising film on this list, if it’s real, is the Flash/Green Lantern team-up. Now, of course we’ve had a Green Lantern movie already with Ryan Reynolds that didn’t do great. And we have the aforementioned Flash TV series debuting this fall, which looks to be a hit in the waiting following on the heels of its predecessor, Arrow. And while we already established that DC/WB have no problem having multiple versions of a character out there, it’s kind of odd to just team these two up out of the blue.

Now, if both of these characters are in the Justice League movie, that could make this film make sense. The question is will they continue with Ryan Reynolds or go in a completely different direction? In my mind, that version of Green Lantern has no place in the Man of Steel world, where the rest of this story is taking place. Even a wise-cracking Flash character, providing they go that route, seems like an odd fit.

But alas, at this point, these are just rumors for the most part, and we’ll have to wait and see what actually materializes. With San Diego Comic Con rolling around again in just over a month, we will undoubtedly be hearing a lot more about DC’s movie plans.

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