Escape Zombie City

Escape Zombie City

Queen Games joins the zombie craze with its second real-time dice-rolling Escape game. Escape: Zombie City is expected to release in October and is a stand-alone game separate from the earlier Escape: Curse of the Temple.

ICv2 had an opportunity to see the prototype at the recent ACD Games Day. Queen Game’s Keith Blume was kind enough to give a detailed explanation:

“Basically, in this game, as you’re going through you’re trying to fend off zombies that are moving toward your base. This time, it’s not the center of a temple, it’s the church of a town. So, as you’re going through the different tiles of the town that get revealed you’re trying to acquire some resources that you’re actually going to use to stock up your van (I think I called it a VW microbus in the rules) to get away. So, first stage of the game: you’re acquiring some resources. Then there’s a trip point where you actually get in the van and you’ve stocked it up with some equipment that you’re going to use to defeat the end game zombies and get out of the city.”

Escape: Zombie City is a timed cooperative dice game with a strict fifteen minute time limit. It will be playable by two to five players. MSRP has not been announced.

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