Mark Waid Steps Away from Hulk Title

Mark Waid Steps Away from Hulk Title

Hulk writer Mark Waid has revealed why he decided to exit the Marvel Comics title after four issues.

The scribe explained that he handed the reins to Gerry Duggan because he wanted to focus on his Daredevil work and his digital comics platform Thrillbent.

“Gerry Duggan will do a spectacular job on Hulk. Zero bad blood – I just want to get further ahead on Daredevil and Thrillbent,” he wrote on Twitter.

Waid followed these comments by sarcastically quipping that he has “made a lot of people happy by leaving Hulk”.

The writer is exiting the title one arc after he relaunched it out of Indestructible Hulk.

Duggan will team up with artist Mark Bagley on the Marvel series from issue #5, which debuts in August.

Waids new take on the Hulk has been utterly brillant. I hope that the new creative team can keep that story and momentum going.

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