DC’s New 52 Revealed to be the Joke That No One Got

DC’s New 52 Revealed to be the Joke That No One Got

Papers taken out of the DC Comics offices by a disgruntled former artist reveal that the “New 52” revamp of the DC Universe was in fact an ongoing “joke” perpetrated by Jim Lee and select members of his former Wildstorm Studio.

Confronted after hours at the recent Emerald City Comic Con (and after three Kamikazes and a Bloody Mary), Co-Publisher Lee admits that the whole revamp was simply a joke gone horribly wrong.

“It was just a crazy e-mail stream that me, Whilce (Portacio), Scott (Williams), J.(Scott Campbell) and (Ben) Chiodo were passing around. We were just thinking up the craziest s**t we could come up with.” said Lee. “But somehow (Dan) Didio got ahold of them and ran with them while I was on vacation.”

Lee continues: ” I tried to stop it but it just kept growing and growing like a cancer or a virus and there was nothing I could do at that point but just ride it out and hope the fans would finally catch on and shut it down.” But that never happened.

“I thought sure that someone would figure it out” Lee admits. “Let’s face it, some of that stuff was just ridiculous!”

Lee said that he never foresaw that a simple joke would lead to a divide fanbase and the mass exodus of creative talent out of DC.

Lee finally tearfully admits that the fallout from this botched prank is the reason for the move of key members of the DC Editorial Staff being moved out to California.

“We have to fix this mess before the Batman/Superman movie comes out or the fans are going to crucify us.” Lee says somberly

One Response to “DC’s New 52 Revealed to be the Joke That No One Got”

  1. Dianthrax says:

    I mean, I believe that this post is true and based on things that actually were said/took place but as far as the whole thing being a joke that went out of control…I don’t buy that.

    All of it was Dan Didio’s fault and Lee had NO CONTROL over anything that happened. He was completely powerless to put a stop to it.

    Oh, and it’s the fan’s fault that it kept going for so long, getting worse and worse, because they weren’t as smart as Jim Lee hoped they would be. They didn’t realize it was all just one giant farce and that’s why there was no stopping it. Nice.

    “C’mon people! This shit was so ridiculous how could you NOT realize we were just messing around? It’s just a joke! Also, it’s totally not my fault so there’s no need to be upset anymore! Hahaha; pretty funny right?”

    Lame, contrived, untrue. In other words: