The Sandman Film Gets Its Writer

The Sandman Film Gets Its Writer

The Lord of All Stories, Told or Untold; The King of the Nightmare Realms; Dream of the Endless aka The Sandman is being re-created on film and a very intersting script-writer has been chosen. And it isn’t who you think.

The Fades creator Jack Thorne has been approached by Warner Bros to write the Sandman movie.

The writer has previously worked on Skins and This is England. He was approached to write for the film following treatment from David S. Goyer.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is currently attached to the comic book adaptation as producer. He will also direct the picture.

The actor previously made his feature directorial debut on the Sundance picture Don Jon.

The Sandman graphic novel series, written by Neil Gaiman with art from Dave McKean, centres on lord of dreams Morpheus as he struggles with threats to his kingdom and seeks to come to terms with his own tragic failings.

Gordon-Levitt previously revealed why he wanted to get involved in the project, saying: “I love just the basic concept of it – just the concept of personifying Dream, along with all of his brothers and sisters, the seven Endless personifying Death, personifying Destruction and Delirium and Destiny and Desire and Despair.”

Thorne recently spoke to Digital Spy about his adaptation of Let The Right One In re-opening at the Apollo Theatre when it transfers to London’s West End next month. It will run from March 26 until September 27.

He said: “I like the fact that this is a story that’s going to be told again and again and again, because it’s one of those stories that reworks a central myth.”

Sandman is , in my humble opinion, is one of the comics that truly changed what comics can be and how they are percieved. Sandman is our intellectual calling card to the rest of the world. I can only hope that they will smartly treat the film with that same skill and respect.

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