First Second adapts WWI trench poetry in Above the Dreamless Dead

First Second adapts WWI trench poetry in Above the Dreamless Dead

First Second once again puts out something amazing.

First Second has unveiled Above the Dreamless Dead, a graphic anthology of adaptations of World War I trench poetry.

Chris Duffy served as editor on the book, which features the work of Pat Mills, Isabel Greenberg, Luke Pearson, Garth Ennis, Phil Winslade, Eddie Campbell, Stuart and Kathryn Immonen, Jordan Crane and Hunt Emerson.

They will adapt poems from the likes of Siegfried Sassoon, Thomas Hardy, Wilfred Wilson Gibson, Wilfred Owen and Osbert Sitwell.

This year marks the centenary of the beginning of WWI, in which 16 million people were killed.

“Facts like that can feel a little abstract,” Duffy told USA Today.

“But reading the words of witnesses to war, including these poets, is always important because war is still with us.

“A lot of people know war poems featuring horrific scenes of trench warfare and gas attacks,” he continued. “But World War I poets also wrote about everyday life in the trenches, including daily run-ins with rats and lice. Some wrote from the point of view of the home front.

“Much of the poetry has a topical satirical edge – some of it feels timeless and mythic.”

Above the Dreamless Dead will be released on September 23.

Stories like this make me proud to be connected with comics. It proves that stories that have meaning, history and pathos are perfectly placed within the illustrated pages of the graphic novel.

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