TwoMorrows Publishing remembers the life and career of animation legend Lou Scheimer

TwoMorrows Publishing remembers the life and career of animation legend Lou Scheimer

TwoMorrows Publishing joins with the family and friends of Lou Scheimer in remembering the animation pioneer’s life, and remarkable body of work. Scheimer passed away last Thursday at the age of 84.

“It was an honor to get to know Lou in the course of publishing our recent biography of him,” said TwoMorrows publisher John Morrow. “It was a project that co-author Andy Mangels had labored over for several years, to make sure it did justice to Lou, and accurately documented his place in television history. Lou gave tirelessly of his time, energy, and enthusiasm for the project, which naturally was near and dear to him. Despite some serious health issues, Lou managed to make a rare and, as it turned out, final public appearance with us at Comic-Con last year to promote the book. Watching him interact with fans of his work, and seeing their response to him, were priceless moments that I’ll always treasure.”

TwoMorrows released Lou Scheimer: Creating The Filmation Generation just over a year ago, documenting the life and career of the founder of the renowned Filmation animation studio. Hailed as one of the fathers of Saturday morning television, Scheimer devoted over 25 years to providing animated excitement for TV and film. Always at the forefront, Filmation created the first DC Comics cartoons with Superman, Batman, and Aquaman, ruled the song charts with The Archies, kept Trekkie hope alive with the Emmy-winning Star Trek: The Animated Series, taught morals with Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, and swung into high adventure with Tarzan, The Lone Ranger, and Zorro.

Forays into live-action included Shazam! and The Secrets of Isis, plus ground-breaking special effects work on Jason of Star Command and others. And in the 1980s, Filmation single-handedly caused the syndication explosion with He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and its successors. In the book, Scheimer tells his entire story, including how his father decked Adolf Hitler, memories of schooling with Andy Warhol, and what it meant to lead the last all-American animation company through nearly thirty years of innovation.

“Like so many others, I grew up on Lou’s cartoons, and the Groovy Ghoulies were my all-time favorite Scheimer production,” said Morrow. “While Lou’s passing is a sad occasion, I can’t help but smile when I think back to all the enjoyment he gave me as a child. The man spent his life giving joy to the kids of America and the world. That’s a powerful legacy for anyone to leave behind.”

Lou Scheimer: Creating The Filmation Generation is currently available in softcover and digital formats, through, major booksellers, and comic book stores. Interested readers can find a digital preview or order copies directly from the publisher at this link:

288-page Trade Paperback with COLOR, by Lou Scheimer with Andy Mangels

Print Edition: $29.95 cover price

ISBN13: 978-1-60549-044-1

Digital Edition: $13.95, available only at

Andy Mangels is the USA Today best-selling author and co-author of over twenty fiction and nonfiction books – including Star Trek, Roswell, and Star Wars novels – and is an award-winning comic book anthology editor. He has also contributed to international magazines and newspapers, and has scripted, directed, and produced over forty DVD documentaries and Special Features projects.

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