Shadow Man Arrives on GOG

Shadow Man Arrives on GOG and Valiant Entertainment are proud to announce the re-release of Shadow Man, the best-selling action-adventure horror game based on the legendary Valiant comic book series. Originally released in 1999 to rave reviews, the original Shadow Man will be available September 17th on for only $5.99 bundled with an exclusive, limited time offering for Shadowman comic books and t-shirts available for one week only!

The dark protector of the New Orleans night, Shadowman is one of the most enduring heroes in comics with more than 5.3 million comics sold since the character’s debut in 1992. As the sole protector of the boundary between our world and the nightmare realm known only as Deadside, the Shadowman mythology forms a cornerstone of the larger Valiant Universe and his adventures continue monthly in the ongoing Valiant Entertainment comic book series by comics icon Peter Milligan and visionary artist Roberto De La Torre. Prior to the game’s debut in 1999, the character was re-imagined as “Shadow Man” for the gaming audience.

To celebrate the return of Shadow Man on, the DRM-free Digital Distributor is offering an exclusive deal to gamers: all shoppers who purchase the game within one week of its release will receive a free Shadowman #1 digital comic book from comiXology, and a $5.99 discount – the price of the game – on a Shadowman t-shirt!

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