Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 7/31/13

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 7/31/13


2000AD Prog 1843 by Carl Critchlow

I just love the annoyed look on Dredd’s face, as if being pulled-under by giant tentacles is a regular occurrence for him. He’ll dive in begrudgingly, but he can’t deal with the situation for too long because Project Runway is on at 9 and he forgot to record it. I’m a fan of sinister looking tentacles to begin with—you could say I’m a sucker for them—so somebody please remind me to ask Templesmith for a Dredd vs Tentacles commission next convention.


Collider #1 by Nathan Fox

One of things I love about Nathan Fox is the vibrant colors he incorporates into his covers. For a first issue, getting people’s attention is a huge concern, otherwise it may come across as just another comic book to them. Hot pink with black and yellow? You definitely have my undivided attention. I’m also a fan of the character being upside-down, because it adds more intriguing questions and motivates me even more to pick up the issue. Well played, Fox.


House of Gold & Bones #4 by Jason Shawn Alexander

Painted covers always get mad-respect from me, because the artist put in a little extra time and effort to bring us something so brilliant. Take the demonic tongue dude and his bald eagle hybrid buddy (who reminds me of one of the characters in Kirkman’s Ultimate X-Men run); bastards cast out from hell and surely up to no good, and yet beautifully illustrated. The pale ghostly figure in the graveyard is a nice contrast, for this cover as a whole is extremely well-done.


X-Men: Legacy #14 by Mike Del Mundo

Forget Monopoly, forget chess, and forget Chutes & Ladders; the game all the cool kids play is Candyland! Del Mundo does a marvelous job adding depth and dimension to the board game with this cover that I took extra time reading each square just to see what the stakes were. It seems a lone powerful mutant is able to create a destiny for everyone else, so passing GO and collecting your $200 suddenly seems like the least of your worries.

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