Guardians Of The Galaxy Cast Are More Than A Match For The Avengers

Guardians Of The Galaxy Cast Are More Than A Match For The Avengers

Yahoo! Movies has a bit more insight from the Guardians of the Galaxy cast about their characters, providing some of the first soundbites from the actors since donning the extensive make-up and new muscles needed for their roles.

“It’s the ‘Anti-Hero Hero Movie,'” said Zoe Saldana, who plays the deadliest woman in the galaxy — the assassin called Gamora. “These are thieves, rebels, assassins who come together to fight something actually much worse than them. And there’s actually a lot of comedy — the levity will be abundant.”

But just because the team may bring the quips doesn’t mean they don’t also bring the pain. In fact, Saldana and Dave Bautista (who plays the appropriately named Drax the Destroyer) believe their squadron of five is more than a match for The Avengers Six.

“We’re different than the Avengers,” said Saldana. “The Guardians have much ‘bigger’ powers. We could totally kick Thor and Captain America’s ass.”

“Drax could definitely beat up Hulk and Thor,” said Bautista. “Drax is an interesting creature. He’s full of rage and he’s full of honor. But the best thing about Drax is he’s hysterical, without really meaning to be.”

However tough the Guardians are, the actors who play them aren’t to be messed with either. This interview from “Extra” features Chris Pratt going into detail about how dangerous Saldana has become since turning Gamora-green.

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