07/07/2013: What’s New on ComicSpectrum

07/07/2013: What’s New on ComicSpectrum


New Content for week ending July 7, 2013

Bob’s Guinness attempt mentioned on SyFy’s Blastr

Site Content added: More detail pictures in gallery for Bob’s Comic Room

News & reviews

News: S.H.O.O.T. First, Atheists & Adventure from Dark Horse; Librarian bans book to teach lesson (CBLDF); Diamond PREVIEWSWorld announces top 50 Comics & GNs of June 2013; New Starship Foundation brings the Bridge of the Enterprise-D to SDCC; Stephanie Thorpe hosts panels on Web Content Creation  & ElfQuest at SDCC; SnagFilms Social Video Platform; CBLDF & Dark Horse produce a Guide to Manga; Weta Workshop’s Exclusive Smaug T-Shirt for SDCC; Forensic Psychiatrists&Lawyers put zombies on trial at SDCC; Titan Comics rolls out their new line-up at SDCC; Comixology “Blank Page Project” w/ Palmiotti & Conner at SDCC; Hero Initiative exclusive Overstreet variant at SDCC; Vikings TV show invades SDCC; Dark Horse announces new Kitchen Sink imprint; Valiant signs Trevor Hairsine to Exclusive; “Sidekick” superhero spoof short film to debut at SDCC; IDW SDCC 2013 exclusives; Pre-order SDCC 2013 T-Shirts; Comixology debuts subscriptions & bundles

Comic Reviews: What If? AvX #1 (Marvel); The Movement #3 (DC); Six-Gun Gorilla (Boom!); Age of Ultron #10 (Marvel); Avengers #14 (Marvel); Catalyst Comix #1 (Dark Horse); X-Men #2 (Marvel); Larfleeze #1 (DC); Batman Superman #1 (DC)

Digital Comic Reviews: Zoë: Out of Time #1 (Amazon Digital)

Manga Reviews: D.Gray-Man 3-in-1 (Viz)

Webcomic Reviews: The Princess; Knite; Stranger Danger

Free Comics: Wolverine Comics for month of July (Marvel Unlimited)

Movie Reviews: The Lone Ranger

TV ReviewsUnder the Dome – Pilot (CBS)

Bob’s Blog: DC vs. Marvel – DC has been losing me lately; Bob’s SDCC Panel Wish List

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