Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 6/26/13

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 6/26/13


Hawkeye #11 by David Aja

Now either this dog is a stone-blooded killer, or he just accidentally walked through some raspberry jam. Having a Labrador myself, I would not be surprised whatsoever if it was explanation number two. Again with Aja, it’s the simple things that really speak volumes when illustrating a cover with little detail as possible. Bottom line, this cover is doggone good!



Amala’s Blade #3 by Michael Dialynas

And that’s why you always make sure the back gate is locked. Heaven forbid if your beloved cybernetic serpent hound gets out and runs away. I initially thought this was a Paul Pope cover, but alas it’s not. Michael Dialynas does a superb job here with the grittiness and the coloring, for there’s tons of energy in this cover. I can hear the snarls of hell from just staring at it.



Prophet #36 by Aaron Conley

This illustration must be a postcard from planet Australia, because it appears that everything on this cover is trying to kill you. The yellow and green starfish (or in this case, murderfish) combined with the gem throne and see-through goldfish at the bottom balance perfectly, for it feels good to allow the eyes to wander. Lots of great stuff happening here, or as the Prophets call it, “Just another day.”



B.P.R.D.: Vampire #4 by Fábio Moon

The thing I love the most about this cover is you don’t see the head or body of the spider, but merely the legs emerging from the dark. It could look like a thousand different things, but because we’re relying on our own references, it’s going to end up being a manifestation of our worst nightmares. It’s big, it’s creepy as hell, and while you’re reading this article, it’s slowly dangling down from overhead.



The Unwritten #50 by Yuko Shimizu

A Fables/The Unwritten crossover? Shut up and take my money! It will be interesting (and by that I mean fascinating) to see what Shimizu has in store for us as she illustrates characters from both universes. Already I’m loving her take on Bigby, and the flowers, birds, and big cloud of smoke are a nice touch as well. Can’t wait to see what the next cover holds!



Elephantmen #49 by Boo Cook

This is my favorite cover of the week, hands down. It doesn’t get any more science-fictiony than this! Troops on the planet’s surface fending off from crystal serpents with nasty big pointy teeth; Can this please be a movie?? Boo Cook goes above and beyond with this cover, for it’s a painted masterpiece depicting some of the coolest alien action I’ve seen in a long time. I can only imagine what the interior art looks like!

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