06/16/2013: What’s New on ComicSpectrum

06/16/2013: What’s New on ComicSpectrum


Bob’s Comic of the Week for June 19th


New Content for week ending June 16, 2013

News & reviews
Boom! does “Sons of Anarchy” comic; Gary Friedrich v. Marvel; Fried Comics Launches 2 webcomics; Dark Horse launches news feed for ComicCon exclusives

  Comic Reviews: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys #1 (Dark Horse) ; Superior Spider-Man #11 (Marvel); A1 #1 (Titan); Age of Ultron #9 (Marvel); He-Man & the Masters of the Universe #2 (DC)

  Collected Edition Reviews: Superman: Last Son (DC)

Digital Comic Reviews: Short Hand (Comixology)

Webcomic Reviews: Skadi the Barbarian; Guns of Shadow Valley; Awkward Zombie; Reptilis Rex; Ava’s Demon; Girls of Monster Paradise

Movie Reviews: Man of Steel

Crowdsourcing Reviews: Guns of Shadow Valley; World War Kaiju

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