Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 6/12/13

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 6/12/13


Six-Gun Gorilla #1 by Ramón Pérez

Nothing more intriguing than a gigantic gorilla wielding some humongous guns, launching itself at the reader. Pérez’s zany style works well for such an interesting concept, for with the beginning of a new series the best angle to go with is the unexpected. Mammals and firearms should never mix, but Pérez makes it feel very natural and inviting with a dash of mystery. I wouldn’t necessarily trust this being around my children, but hey, that’s just me.



2000AD Prog 1836 by Leigh Gallagher

Such violent imagery, yet it blends so well together. I love the contrast of the faded logo and background with this howling blood-red zombie front and center, with the main cast of characters filling the space in its being. ‘The Damned Make Their Stand’ the title promises, and judging from the imagery alone, I’m willing to say it’s a safe bet. I especially love the crows and the flying monkey looking dude with the sword hovering around.



Batgirl #21 by Alex Garner

For a second I thought it was the artistic stylings of Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau, but was pleasantly surprised when I learned it was Alex Garner tricking my eyeballs only momentarily. With a character such as the Ventriloquist gracing the cover, Garner’s sophisticated painted style is reminiscent of tree bark upon closer inspection. I’m not sure if it was intentional or not, but it’s creepy when applied to a violent Ventriloquist and his blood-splattered beauty. Very creepy and well thought-out cover.



The Manhattan Projects #12 by Jonathan Hickman

If extraterrestrials ever do land and request that I take them to my leader, I’ll gladly point them in the right direction of Jonathan Hickman. Yes Hickman may be confused at first with little green men knocking at his door, but something tells me he’d know exactly how to approach it. All he would have to do is show them his cover art and his eccentric graphic design, and the aliens would bow down and proclaim him Supreme Emperor of the Galaxy. Oh, and it’s a nice cover too.



The Shadow #14 (Cover B) by Tim Bradstreet

It’s been a while since I highlighted a Tim Bradstreet cover. Not to say the covers he’s been putting out for the past few months haven’t been noteworthy (for the man is extremely talented), but this cover in particular really made me swoon. The skeleton hands emerging from the bottom of the page are absolute eye candy, as well as the praying skeleton in the Shadow’s shadow. The red scarf is a nice way to draw the eye, and this cover as a whole is downright awesome.



Thor God of Thunder #9 by Esad Ribic

This is my favorite cover of the week, hands down. First thing that comes to mind is “this trio of Thors needs to be painted on the side of some metal head’s van.” Each one of them reigns down the lighting while looking extremely badass in every version. Esad Ribic almost makes it look easy, the way he paints each character to life. Shit is about to get real this issue, and this is going to be a bloodbath you definitely don’t want to miss.


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