TITANIUM RAIN: Awards, Motion Comic, & New Projects Announced.

TITANIUM RAIN: Awards, Motion Comic, & New Projects Announced.

01 Publishing is thrilled to announce that the TITANIUM RAIN AUDIO DRAMA has been nominated for the Oscars of the American audiobook industry! Known as the Audie Awards, TITANIUM RAIN has been nominated for not one, but TWO awards…


To kick off this great news, 01 Publishing is proud to present this five minute animated preview.

ALSO, hot on the heels of the Titanium Rain Audio Drama’s success, creators Josh Finney and Kat Rocha will be heading back to the studio with the fine people at the Audio Comics Company to record the following projects in 2013:

The follow-up to the Titanium Rain audio drama will go into production this fall and be available by the end of the year. Expect the stakes to get higher, the plot to thicken, and some very dark secrets to be revealed. Also, expect everyone’s favorite RAF pilot, Happy, to become a major player in the action.

utopiates_cover_big Finney and Rocha’s gritty
future noir series, Utopiates, will be getting an audio drama, too. Word is, where Titanium Rain was the first audio drama to ever fully realize a big budget action film in sound, Utopiates will be taking its cues from films like Blade Runner and The Matrix. This production will plunge listeners into the grimy, tech-spliced underworld of Los Angeles 2030. Also, like Titanium Rain, Utopiates will feature an original score by BBC composer Jonathan Sharp and include selected songs by techno-industrial bands New Mind, Bio-Tek, Takshaka, and Hexedene. For more information about UTOPIATES, check out this FREE preview of the UTOPIATES graphic novel.  The Utopiates graphic novel is currently available from Amazon.com. [LINK]

Along with Utopiates, the Audio Comics Company will be launching a spin-off series called Utopiates: Urban Legends. So far both Audio Comics and 01 Publishing have been very quite about what this project will entail, but promise it will expand upon the themes already present in the graphic novel.

, if you want to hear the TITANIUM RAIN audio drama in all its glory, get it now on iTunes for ONLY $4.99. [LINK]

Also available on iTunes is the Titanium Rain score by Jonathan Sharp. [LINK]

More information can be found at 01Publishing.

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