DC Cancels Hellblazer

DC Cancels Hellblazer

DC announced this morning, via the AP, that their current longest running comic Hellblazer will come to an end in February with issue #300. The Vertigo title will be replaced with a New 52 version of the John Constantine series titled Constantine. The series will launch in March with Robert Venditti (The Homeland Directive, Demon Knights) writing and Renato Guedes (Superman) serving as artist.

“Few characters in comics are as complex and entertaining as John Constantine, and I’m finding him to be every bit as enjoyable to write as he is to read,” says Venditti. “It’s my goal to have the new CONSTANTINE series be equal parts familiarity and surprise.  This will be the Constantine we all know and love, but facing new and unexpected challenges from both inside and out.”

John Constantine is no stranger to DC’s New 52, as he appears in Justice League Dark with minor appearances in Sword and Sorcery and Animal Man. DC has said in the past they want to keep the number of ongoing comics they publish at 52 so something will have to be canceled to make room for this new addition.

To be honest I’m not happy with this decision. As someone who has been reading Hellblazer since it came out back in the 80’s this has been my staple book that I would always be looking forward to read with the good stories and bad ones.

I am reading Justice League Dark but there are something that can be done with the Vertigo Title that they can’t do in a DC Mainstream book.

I will have a look at Constantine when it comes out but now I’m wondering what is means for Vertigo since this was one of the biggest books from them. Will we see more of their titles being absorbed into DC titles down the track?

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