Kickstarter: Creature Academy

Kickstarter: Creature Academy

Creature Academy is an all-ages steampunk fantasy graphic novel by Kevin Konrad Hanna (Clockwork Girl), Dave Fagan, Erich Owen (Logan’s Run, I, Robot) and Grant Bond (Clockwork Girl, Tron, Igor).

We’re appealing to Kickstarter’s comics fans to make Creature Academy a reality. Your support for $30 gets you a signed hardcover edition and signed poster. Higher support get you gorgeous original art from Kevin Konrad Hanna, Grant Bond, or a chance to be in a Creature Academy crowd scene—with your likeness shown “standing in awe” or “fleeing in terror”.

Creature Academy honors and subverts the tropes we expect in coming-of-age fantasy and super-hero stories. The young hero is no “Chosen One”, and the mentors he finds may not be wise or good at all. We’re excited to share this unique story for the first time.

We’re offering Creature Academy: The Legacy only to Kickstarter backers and only for a limited time.


Kevin Konrad Hanna (series creator/art director, story):

Kevin is an artist and storyteller with credits in film animation, comic books, video games and TV. He’s known for the award-winning graphic novel, The Clockwork Girl and the Web comic, Frogchildren, as well as directing the feature film version of The Clockwork Girl.

Dave Fagan (story, script):

Dave spent the 90s as a freelance journalist and won two SPJ awards for humor writing. He then worked for a scary multi-national, but escaped. He is greatly relieved to be writing comics.

Erich Owen (art):

Erich burst onto the scene by winning Tokyopop’s Rising Stars of Manga competition with the book, Mail Order Ninja. He’s gone on to work on I, Robot, Logan’s Run, Tekwars, and more.

Grant Bond (art):

Reuniting with Kevin Hanna for the first time since The Clockwork Girl, Grant’s fantastic art can be seen in projects such as: Igor: Movie Prequel, Supernatural  and Tron. 

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