Visionary Comics Launches Kickstarter

Visionary Comics Launches Kickstarter

Visionary is thrilled to announce their continuing partnership with Pinnacle Entertainment Group in the creation of ALL NEW original Deadlands comics! Our first four One-Shots, published by Image Comics, were a critical and financial success, and were hailed as the next wave of All-Star Westerns! These tales featured the industry’s top talent for Western-Horror-Steampunk such as Jeff Mariotte, Steve Ellis, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Ron Marz, Bart Sears, and more! Those books showed the range of the Deadlands world…now we want to dive deep into the history of its major players and events–starting with the tale of Raven himself!

After the success of the Deadlands One-Shots, we at Visionary decided we wanted to tell THE STORY of how Deadlands came to be…and the obvious place to start was with THE STORY of Raven! Raven is the enigmatic figure behind the Reckoning itself, the twisted shaman whose obsession with vengeance might doom the entire world. Think you already know Raven’s tragic tale? We can’t wait to show you the story you DON’T know!

We’ve assembled an ace creative team for this project…

Matthew Cutter is the Brand-Manager for Deadlands and the main man behind its continuing development. C. Edward Sellner is the creator / writer for THE KID, the one-shot that introduced Billy the Kid into the Deadlands universe, and the CCO of Visionary.

The artist for this series is Greg LaRocque, one of the best known talents in the industry whose work in comics literally defined the look for a generation of fans of THE FLASH and LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES. Now, he’s lending his considerable talent to making Raven the next great comics villain!

Check it out!

About Visionary Comics Studio: After debuting in 2006, Visionary Comics Studio is now one of the most popular, up and coming creative production studios and the largest digital exclusive publisher. By providing freelance talent representation, setting up projects for print publication, and through VCS’ own digital publishing line, VCS has worked with and provided services for just about every major comic publisher. For more information, go to our web site:

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