Alan Moore Book Pulled From Library

Alan Moore Book Pulled From Library

From Newsarama:

Well, this doesn’t look good at all: Alan Moore’s Neonomicon has been pulled from the shelves of a library in South Carolina after a mother complained about its sexually explicit content.

Inside the book, Gaske found graphic sexual content and pictures of nude men and women engaging in sexual activity. Seven on Your Side cannot show much of that content because it is so explicit. “The more into I got the more shocked I was, I really had no idea this type of material was allowed at a public library,” says Carrie Gaske. “I feel that has the same content of Hustler or Playboy or things like that,” she says. “Maybe even worse.”

The fact that the book was stocked in the adult section apparently doesn’t matter; the complaint has been filed, and the book withdrawn, at least temporarily. Are you ready for a new wave of “Why are our children’s comic books filled with such filth?” hysteria…?

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