The Avengers Movie Passes $1B Global

The Avengers Movie Passes $1B Global

The juggernaut that is the Avengers movie (as opposed to the Juggernaut in the X-Men films) is still rolling.  How did it do this weekend?  The weekend box office estimatesfor the U.S. are for $103M.  That brings the global total to $1,002,082,000.  Marvel has to be feeling pretty good.

In the global market, Box Office Mojo has Avengers as the #11 film all-time. Bigger than any Marvel film before it.  Bigger than Dark Knight.  Bigger than all but the last Harry Potter.  I’d be surprised if it wasn’t #6 or #7 all-time by next weekend.  Granted, you’ve got some of the 3D screenings boosting the box office totals, but this is a very, very big film.  Avengers has really captured the both the domestic and foreign markets in a way that relatively few films have.

This weekend’s $103M was a 50% drop-off from last weekend.  That’s a relatively high drop-off, but then again, opening weekend was a record setter and you just don’t keep that up.  Let’s say Avengers drops 50% at the weekend box office for the next 4 weekends.  That would add roughly $95M to the Avengers coffers, for something in the neighborhood of $470M domestic box office dollars… and that’s not even counting ticket sales Monday through Thursday for the next month.

This is looking like a top 5 all time grossing film both internationally and domestically.  Possibly top 3.  It will be tough beating out Avatar and Titanic, but everything thing else seems possible.

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