Spider-Man Director Explains Lizard’s Role, Hints At Lab Coat Reveal

Spider-Man Director Explains Lizard’s Role, Hints At Lab Coat Reveal

The Lizard’s arrival on the big-screen has been an inevitability for quite some time now. Not too long ago, Spider-Man fans figured that actor Dylan Baker, who played Curt Connors in all three of Sam Raimi’s flicks, would eventually transform into his scientist’s reptilian alter-ego. That was not to be: the Raimi era was swept away in favor of Marc Webb’s “Amazing Spider-Man” reboot, and now Welsh actor Rhys Ifans is the man with the scales.

It’s no secret that Spider-Man has his fair share of awesome villains to slug it out with. So why did Webb feel that the Lizard was his best bet for his first “Spider-Man” movie? The answer, according to the director, was actually rather obvious once he honed in on the “Amazing” movie’s central theme.

“There was a moment where I asked: what is this movie about? At the beginning of the movie, Peter Parker has a missing piece: his parents. It’s this thing that’s left him. His desire to find that motivates him and drives him and sets him on his path,” Webb told MTV News recently. “For the Lizard, Doctor Connors has a missing arm, which sets him on his path. There’s this symmetrical theme in Curt Connors being the literal embodiment of the movie’s theme: we all have a missing piece. How we look to fill that void is how we define ourselves. It made sense. After I figured that out, it was a logical choice.”

“Obviously, Curt’s morality is looser than Peter’s turns out to be, but their motivations are quite similar,” Webb continued. “They just evolve and manifest themselves in different ways.”

With Lizard’s presence in the film explained, there’s still a missing piece as far as we’re concerned: the lab coat. Based on what little we’ve seen of the supervillain so far, it appears that Lizard’s ditching his iconic white coat in favor of going commando. So is that it—no clothes for Connors’ reptilian bad guy? Not so fast, true believer!

“That’s a good question. Be patient, grasshopper,” Webb told us when we asked about Lizard’s coat. “[Regarding] the lab coat, be patient… you won’t be disappointed.”

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