Avengers To Screen Early For Facebook Fans

Avengers To Screen Early For Facebook Fans

The fans of “The Avengers” who have assembled on Facebook will be treated to very special early screenings of the upcoming super meet-up on April 14, almost three weeks before the wide release.

Marvel announced today that the top five cities with the most Facebook fans—Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Houston and Miami— have already earned advanced screenings for fans, but now there’s a competition on to decide which other cities get to watch the Marvel universe come together. The five other cities that wrack up the most “likes” for “The Avengers” will also earn screenings.

Additionally, once you’re in the house for the advanced screening of “The Avengers,” there will be a costume contest in the theater to decide which of the dedicated Marvel fans get to sit in reserved VIP seating. So dust off your tights and face paint. The best seats in the house will be up for grabs.

Last week, it was announced that “The Avengers” will close out the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City on April 29. The news of the Facebook screenings make them the earliest possible opportunity for fans to see the big event.

So if you’re not lucky enough to live near one of the top five cities, get on to Facebook now to start liking “The Avengers” and win a screening for your home city. International fans should check out their local “Avengers” fan pages to learn about opportunities for screenings near them.

The screenings are scheduled to begin on April 14 at 10 a.m. PDT.

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