Darkness hits 100

Darkness hits 100

The Darkness over-sized 100th issue is coming out hot on the heels of The Darkness II video game! Issue #100 is 48 pages jam packed with loads of extras such as a complete series cover gallery, a Darkness timeline, the winners of the Darkness II DeviantART contest and a special preview of Darkness #101 by the incoming team of David Hine (BULLETPROOF COFFIN) and Jeremy Haun!

Let’s not forget about long time writer Phil Hester and artist Romano Molenaar as they conclude their epic run on the series as Darkness bearer, Jackie Estacado comes face-to-face with the source of his power and misery – the Darkness itself! And only one of them will walk away…

Let’s get a word from the man himself, Phil Hester:

“Why couldn’t they have hired someone else? Anyone else? I’ve been successfully pulling the wool over Darkness readers’ eyes for years now, and the second they get a look at what David Hine is up to they’re going to forget all about my dog and pony show. Don’t believe me? Crack open Hine and Kane’s BULLETPROOF COFFIN and see one of tomorrow’s classics while it’s fresh, then get in line behind me for The Darkness #101.”

And remember: if you’re in Los Angeles area, head on over this Saturday, February 18th to Emerald Knights and celebrate 100 issues with Marc Silvestri!

We’re going to have a special 100th issue limited edition variant for you to purchase before all your friends! That’s TWO WEEKS before the issue comes out! How awesome is that?

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