Thor 2 Will Get Re-write From Saving Private Ryan Scribe

Thor 2 Will Get Re-write From Saving Private Ryan Scribe

The ball is rolling on Thor 2, as Deadline reports that “Saving Private Ryan” writer Robert Rodat has been hired to do a rewrite on Don Payne’s working draft.

Payne wrote the script for the first film and was hired for the sequel, but with things around the set shaking up due to Patty Jenkins’ departure, Rodat has been brought on to give the script a once-over. Pretty standard stuff for Hollywood, but it’s a sign that production isn’t too far away from starting.

Details from the script and the story in general, however, are still mostly up in the air. Jamie Alexander’s been tossing out ideas about her potential role in the movie, and Tom Hiddleston has remained as vague as ever while discussing Loki’s future.

Rodat probably wasn’t brought on to turn things upside down, but who knows? He could be there to sand the edges on some dialogue, or he could be asked to write a third act in which Thor turns out to be Tony Stark with a blonde wig.

Regardless of what Marvel hired Rodat to do specifically, it would be hard for any fan to argue with the writer of “Saving Private Ryan” taking a crack at the “Thor 2” script.

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