Xmas is Upon Us – Thanks to All!

Xmas is Upon Us – Thanks to All!

Hey All,

First all I’d like to thank everyone who has came by the site over the past year I’m going to do a slow down on posting over the Xmas/NYE period as I’m only working a couple of days next week and I generally do most of my posting there since I have time to look over things and it’s not taking things away from the family.

I do want to thank all the contributors who have helped out over the year. Cammy has been a machine with his regular updates on his Fav Covers, Videos and his Podcasts… The Lovely Amber has graced the site with some Female Touches and videos which is great for a different point of view as well as being a great Friend over the year… Jason also has been a great Friend and it’s great to see that when trying to find ideas of things he wanted to do The Science Fiction Show was born and he was gracious enough to post it here as well as have us be a friend of the show… Also Dianthrax and Darthbx both added some stuff and I hope they come back to do some more in the future.

And lastly thanks to the readers who have put up with my ramblings over the last year and those who I have met in the Comic Industry… I’ve been able to do some things I never though would happen over the past couple of years with being published and asked to do some story work, Recorded a line for an Audiobook and just had a ball chatting back and forth with people over twitter!

As always if anyone has any ideas and wants to have their own say about something feel free to send me a message and we’ll organise it but have a great holiday period and a Great Litha (if your in the Southern Hemisphere) or Great Yule and We’ll have some stuff come through but it will be back in force throughout the new year.

Illustration by Scott Brundage. Merry Christmas! May your holidays be free of overwhelming terror.

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