Justice League Doom NYC Premiere Set For February

Justice League Doom NYC Premiere Set For February

From Splash Page:

Do you live in New York City? Do you like comic books? Do you like fun? If so, get yourself to the Paley Center for Media’s presentation of Justice League: Doom, the newest Bruce Timm production in the animated DC Universe.

In partnership with our friends at MTV Geek, the Paley Center will be screening the film on February 13th, with an as-yet unannounced panel to follow.

“Doom,” if you forgot, is somewhat inspired by Mark Waid’s classic “Tower of Babel” story from those turn-of-the-century JLA comics. The Justice League, led by Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Manhunter and Cyborg, are forced to adapt when a group of bad guys come across the Dark Knight’s plans for taking down wayward superheroes. Though some diehard fans love to quibble over the merits of the original comic given Batman’s slightly wonky plans for disabling his teammates (comic books, guys!), it’s still a great concept, one that should be rendered fully under Timm’s thoughtful supervision.

It’s also the last DC Universe film scripted by the late Dwayne McDuffie, who died earlier this year. McDuffie, as you’ll remember, wrote almost all of the great “Justice League” animated series episodes, as well as a solid run in the comic book.

“Doom” will be commercially released on February 28th, but if you’ve got some money and time to spare, e-mail membership@paleycenter.org or JLDoomNY@yahoo.com to reserve tickets.

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