Henry Cavill Talks Man Of Steel On Tonight Show

Henry Cavill Talks Man Of Steel On Tonight Show

Man of Steel star Henry Cavill sat down with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show this week to talk about his various projects, projects he didn’t get, and his interesting connection to Russell Crowe.

The interview is posted in two parts at NBC, and starts with Cavill talking about his early life in Britain. As a student, he was an extra in Russell Crowe’s movie Proof of Life. He and Crowe talked, and two days later Crowe gave him a signed autograph from Gladiator.

Now Crowe is playing his father in Man of Steel and he did remember Cavill from that introduction eleven years ago. “After the end of that journey of a thousand miles, that first journey, he’s there at the end as well,” Cavill said.

Superman’s red underpants (or lack thereof) was brought up, leading Cavill to crack, “Why wear underpants when you can be far more revealing?”

To get into the role, he said he worked out two hours a day for eight months. He said he was overweight as a child, leading other children to nickname him “Fat Cavill,” something Leno clearly found hard to believe. A shirtless picture was shown, provoking talk of whether Superman ever got shirtless before.

Cavill also talked about almost getting cast in Casino Royale and Twilight. Apparently it was down to him and Daniel Craig for Bond, and while Stephenie Meyer wanted him for Edward, Cavill explained, “By the time it came around to casting, I was too old.”

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