Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 10/12/11

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 10/12/11

Batwoman #2 by J.H. Williams III

As usual, J.H. Williams III kicks some serious ass with the Batwoman covers and interior art. It should almost be considered a crime, the guy is so good. I love the two sides we see with Batwoman, both her interior and exterior displayed through the magical x-ray water. The bones detailed flawlessly, with the underwater parts a softer tone than the surface parts. My favorite component of this cover though has to be the melting logo; fits together perfectly between both worlds.


CBLDF Liberty Annual 2011 (Cover B) by Matt Wagner

I was just telling myself the other day; “Cammy, you need to read more Grendel“. I’ve always been a fan of Wagner’s look and style, and the color scheme on this cover in particular is what made it my favorite of all the different variants. The red roses intermingling with the light gray background really make Grendel pop out at you, seriously grabbing your attention. Even the movement and flow with both roses and Grendel falling at the same angle make it that much more exquisite in my opinion. I’d definitely like a print of this cover.


Orchid #1 by Shepard Fairey

Until I saw who designed it, I was going to say Fairey was obviously a major influence for the cover. Little did I realize that it was actually Shepard Fairey himself who illustrated it. I wouldn’t think that such a successful artist would grace the comic book world with a cover, so that’s why I dismissed what is now rather obvious. Sure enough, this looks to be his first comic book cover, and hopefully not his last. The amount of detail with the criss-crossing lines is astounding, that you have to remind yourself all it is really is just red and black skillfully intertwined together artistically. While it first appears rather simple, the execution is faultless.


The Unexpected #1 by Rafael Grampa

I haven’t the slightest clue what’s going on here, and yet I tingle with anticipation! Rafael Grampa, the Emperor of Eye-Candy, has delighted us with another insane cover that makes you instantly fall to your knees and thank *insert your deity here* for giving you sight. The blood splatter on the back of this assassins legs, high-heeled shoes and spiked ball tells you that she means business, while the skimpy striped outfit tell you that she can look good while massacring you. Skulls on the silver screen, a couple about to kiss, and a knife through the back of her mascot head: how does this cover not attract your attention and have you begging to see what’s in store?? So much fantastic detail in this cover, that I would kill to have this as a poster. It’s insane, it’s breath-taking, it’s just plain awesome.


Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #2 by J.G. Jones

While J.G. Jones has been having somewhat of a cover renaissance with the New 52 relaunch, I’ve found myself only enjoying a selected few of what’s he’s submitted so far. This is definitely one of those that I thoroughly enjoy. As you can see, Franky has a lot of his mind; while working solo all these years, he now has the rest of his team to worry about. It almost reminds me of a scene from Locke & Key, more specifically one of the issues in Head Games where the Locke children are able to gaze into each other’s minds. I especially like the texture of the skin in Franky’s face, with the differentiating styles between forehead and cheeks. Even the toned-down and muddier colors really sell it, and make it feel so natural for a horror-pulp-action comic. Great stuff!

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